Stage Zero

Introduction to Stage 0 Restoration

October 22-24, 2019 Black Butte Ranch, Sisters, Oregon River Restoration North West & Portland State University Sponsored

Day 1

Stage 0: Genesis & Theory

Colin Thorne got us started with an introduction to Stage Zero River Restoration: Basis & Theory.

Western Streams: Evidence for Stage 0 & Using Stream Evolution Model to guide restoration approaches

Next, Brian Cluer showed us some of the evidence for Stage 0 in riverscapes throughout the west.

Stage Zero Valley Types

Paul Powers walked us through some ways of reading valley settings and riverscapes where Stage 0 may be appropriate.

Intorduction to Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration to Stage 0

Joe Wheaton gave us an overview of Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration and how it is used to achieve Stage 0.

This talk is elaborated in Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 of design manual. We also handed out a Pocket Guide.

AFTERNOON: Wychus - Camp Polk Field Visit & Low-Tech Construction Intro

Day 2 - Field Trip to South Fork McKenzie River

We started out with a presentation from Kate Meyer on Stage 0 Restoration in the South Fork McKenzie River, before trekking out into the wonderful mess.

Example of Vision

An example from Wychus Creek to elaborate on concepts covered in design talk and show examples of:

  • Vision for Phased Implementation
  • Simple Indicators for Monitoring
  • Concept of Overlapping Complex Zones of Influence

Wychus - Slides

Day 3 - Building Low-Tech Restoration Structures

Wychus Findings

Instruction Team


Stage Zero

In Support of Stage Zero

Geomorphic Grade Line

Other Supporting Restoration / Conservation Papers

Stage 0 in UK

Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration

Some Science in Support of Low-Tech PBR

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