Module 6

Below you can find PDFs and video recordings of the slides we cover in the intro to low-tech process-based restoration virtual workshop. Each is licensed with a Creative Commons license, so you are free to re-use subject to the terms of the license.

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Module 6: Adaptive Management of Low-Tech PBR

Slides & Videos by Topic

A. Examples of Common & Adaptive Management approaches

Nick Bouwes uses the example of management of anadromous salmon populations in the Columbia River Basin as a way of introducing the distinction between traditional management and adaptive management.


30 minutes

B. Introduction to LTPBR and the need for Adaptive Management

Nick Bouwes introduces the importance of Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration, and the need for Adaptive Management for all types of restoration.

C. History of Adaptive Management

Nick Bouwes reviews the history of adaptive management.


55 minutes

D. Introduction of Adaptive Management process

Nick Bouwes Descibes the situations when adaptive management is approriate and the steps of the process.


25 minutes

E. Adaptive Management Overview from Implementation

Nick Bouwes discusses the importance of adaptive management with Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration.


Low-Tech Adaptive Management Examples

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