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Latest News Coverage for LTPBR

Date Title Source
2022, February 7 Beaver Dams Help Wildfire-Ravaged Ecosystems Recover Long after Flames Subside Isobel Whitcomb, Scientific American
2022, January 24 Can beavers help build a better Chesapeake Bay? Karl Blankenship, Bay Journal
2022, January 20 Beavers offer lessons about managing water in a changing climate, whether the challenge is drought or floods Christine E. Hatch, The Conversation
2021, December Would beavers make good firefighters? Science Journal for Kids & Teens
2021, November 29 Beaver Breaks: How Beavers (and low-tech riparian restoration) Help Reduce Impacts From Fire Sage Grouse Initiative
2021, October 22 Beavers Build Ecosystems Of Resilience Science Friday
2021, October 16 To improve wildfire resistance, researchers look to beavers NPR All Things Considered
2021, March 23 Simple hand-built structures can help streams survive wildfires and drought Brianna Randall, Science News
2021, Spring Return of Nature’s Hydro Engineers Brianna Randall, Range
2020, September 22 How beavers became North America’s best firefighter Ben Goldfarb, National Geographic
2018, December Partners Pioneering on Post-Fire Project in the Pioneer Mountains Idaho Soil & Water Conservation Commission
2018, October 30 Beavers, Water, and Fire—A New Formula for Success Brianna Randall, National Wildlife Federation
2017, September 22 Local Partners Mimic Beavers To Restore Streams In Wyoming Sage Grouse Initiative
2017, April 5 Water is Life: SGI’s Mesic Habitat Conservation Strategy Sage Grouse Initiative
2013, October 25 Beaver Resotration Would Reduce Wildfires Ralph Maughan, The Wildlife News

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