Lewistown 2019

Lewistown Agenda


Lewistown Album

A shared album was created where we posted photos from the workshop and participants can share their own photos. For those of you that visit the site in the future, please feel free to upload updates (photos and comments).

Some Drone Videos

Thanks to Pedro Marques and the Big Hole Watershed Committee for sharing these UAV videos of the group’s hard work. Pedro flew his drone before, during and after construction.:

Where were we?

Workshop Venue:

Evening Socials

Every night we were treated to great food and great beers at Central Feed Grilling Company. Thanks a ton for hosting us.

Day 2 Field Trip

Day 3 Construction

A huge thanks to our amazing workshop participant /land owners (Robert and Dede Griffin, and Chris Merker) for letting us play and learn on their land and riverscapes.

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