LTPBR Project Assortment

Beyond the LTPBR Explorer, here are a vareity of videos, social media posts and stories. We post these as we become aware of them (in no particular order). If you have or know of a story you would like to see linked here, please let us know.

LTPBR on Video and Social Media

From Idaho BLM

Hawley Creek, Idaho

This incredible partnership project on Hawley Creek, Idaho was put together by participants in an early LTPBR workshop, who really undrstood the restoration principle of “strength in numbers”. We often show this drone video from the project when illustrating this principle as it is just long enough (in a good way) to get boring:

Learn more about the project in this story and this video below:

From the USFWS

From USU Restoration Consortium

From Sage Grouse Initiative

From Big Hole Watershed Committee

From Anabranch Solutions

From The Sierra Fund