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Need Help with Restoration Planning, Design & Implementation?

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start on low tech process-based restoration projects for yourself. The workshops taught through the USU Restoration Consortium are great for getting you exposed and introduced to concepts, pointing you to resources, and giving you enough experience to be dangerous. However, sometimes its helpful to have a professional designer and planner with experience get you started.

After receiving so many inquiries from practitioners wanting to tackle these projects themselves, design manual authors Joe Wheaton, Nick Bouwes and Steve Bennett eventually started a consulting firm, Anabranch Solutions to help folks with these types of projects. Get in touch with them through Anabranch Solutions, if you need help.

Over time, more companies and firms will hopefully also start filling this niche. If you think your firm does, let us know and we’ll review your credentials and would be happy to post a link here.

Western US
New Mexico

Need Help with Nuisance Beaver Mitigation & Planning?

The nuisance beaver mitigation (so-called ‘living with beaver’ strategies) are slightly more mature than the practice of beaver-assisted restoration and beaver-inspired restoration. One of the most authoritative sites on such practices is the Beaver Institute, put together by Mike Callahan. They maintain an ‘Installer Locator’ List. The companies below all are also experienced installers:

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