IDFG- Intro to Low-Tech PBR of Riverscapes

Idaho Department of Fish & Game SHORT-COURSE: Intro to Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration of Riverscapes

Tentatively Scheudled: June 9-11, 2019 in Pocatello, Idaho

This invittaion only short-course, hosted by Utah State University Restoration Consortium, will bring together IDFG and partners interested in low-tech alternatives for restoring streams and associated riparian and mesic habitats to benefit wildlife and working lands in southern Idaho.

In this 3 day workshop, you will be introduced to the principles underlying low-tech process-based restoration of riverscapes. You will get introduced to planning, design and construction of cost-effective, low-risk techniques that can be implemented at large scales to meet mesic habitat restoration goals including: partnering with beaver, beaver dam analogues (BDAs), post-assisted log structures (PALS), and other simple hand-built structures designed to facilitate process-based restoration.


Course Materials

Slides & Handouts

Slides & Handouts
as PDFs

Workshop Textbooks

For the workshops, we will rely on the new Design Manual and the Pocket Guide, which are both available free digitally. As part of your workshop registration fee, a hard copy will be provided to you in person at the workshop. Extra print copies of manual are available for ~ $60 on Amazon and print runs of the pocket guide can be arranged.

Instruction Team

Stephen N. Bennett1,2,3

Ecologist, Adjunct Professor

Nicolaas Bouwes3,2,1

Aquatic Ecologist, Adjunct Professor

Joseph Wheaton1,2

Associate Professor, Ecogeomorphologist

Jay Wilde

Rancher and Land Owner

Instructor Affiliations





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